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Sports Pros Using MAT

Sports Illustrated

Stretching the Field – A bit of investment advice – double down on physical therapy – has added years (and millions) to Peyton Manning’s portfolio. (2012)

“…while Manning was fruitlessly racing to prepare his body to play following September neck-fusion surgery, he would pay every week to fly in Greg Roskopf, a Denver-based specialist in cutting-edge Muscle Activation Techniques – finding muscles that have been traumatized or strained and strengthening other muscles to compensate – who had become popular with veterans such as former Broncos safety John Lynch…”

The Denver Post

Defying the Odds – How Greg Roskopf, an Englewood-based muscle function specialist, is helping Amy Van Dyken-Rouen get back on her feet — literally. (2015)

“It was just a friendly visit that turned into something. And then turned into a whole lot.”  That’s how Amy Van Dyken-Rouen [a 6-time Olympic Gold Medalist] recalls the start of a life-changing process […] after an ATV accident earlier that month left her paralyzed from the waist down.

The News Tribune

In quest to be among the best, Mariners pitcher James Paxton is willing to sacrifice. Even milkshakes. (2018)

“My body feels really good and strong,” […] “I’ve been recovering from starts really well this spring. I feel like I’ve been recovering better than I ever have from spring training starts and I think I’ve found a routine that works for me between starts.”

Your Health and How MAT Fits In

Desert Health News

“Maximizing Muscle Movement – Achieving symmetry and contractile efficiency with MAT” by Stacey Clarke, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (2017)

“As a doctor of podiatry, I have seen many injuries and ailments that are due largely to asymmetry of the hips and lower extremities which could not be successfully treated by traditional medicine. MAT is a fairly new therapy that assesses and helps train your muscles for symmetry and contractile efficiency .”

Fitness Journal

First, Do No Harm (2015)

Since two of the major factors related to improved health and weight loss are controlling pain and reducing inflammation, anything that you can do to positively affect these issues becomes essential in the training for every client.” – MAT developer Greg Roskopf


Greg Roskopf, Founder of Muscle Activation Techniques, describes MAT:

Review of Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques by Skip Kelly (Prime Paradigm Channel / YouTube / 3:11 mins):

Aussie trainer gets worked on by MAT developer, Greg Roskopf (PTAGlobal / YouTube / 5:02 mins):