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James Kwon Lee
Olympic Hopeful for Discus Throw
Host of
The JKL Podcast | Professional Musician

James Lee Olympic Hopeful, Discus Throw.
Photo by Omar Martinez

“I have spent most of my life being physically active in various sports, most notably as a discus and shot-put thrower up to NCAA division 1 level and beyond.  Though my life as an athlete has been wonderful, it has come with years of developing muscle imbalances and inefficiencies that can lead to decreased athletic performance.

I began treatment with the Activated Muscles team and have felt very noticeable results.  As a power athlete who has focused much of my training effort in my hip area, I often find myself tight and inhibited in movements/function.  After sessions with Annie and Raoul I feel an immediate increase in ease of movement, and feel like I have better use of my l legs. My training quality improves as I begin to feel more functionality and efficiency in my lower body. Currently, I am making a comeback to competing in the discus throw, and I am on track to surpass my personal best mark I set over ten years ago! It’s things like MAT that will enable me to do it.”

M. Franco

“After the nice results with our MAT sessions, I continued to improve. In addition to the improvement during the sessions, my increased awareness of different muscles, posture, gait etc. helped immensely. My problem area is stronger more mobile and I don’t limp. Thank you!”

Larry Collins, MBA
NFL Alumnus
, 53

“My name is Larry Collins. I was diagnosed via MRI with a right shoulder impingement.  My condition was caused by significant strength imbalance between my chest and back.  The impingement cause severe pain just doing routine shoulder movements. My shoulder and back muscles weren’t firing in a manner that allowed effective strength training.  After 2 sessions with Annie, I noticed greater range of motion with less pain.  Additionally, my training routine to strengthen the back muscles, that I had neglected, became more efficacious. Bench pressing became significantly less painful as I am able to achieve full range of motion at 300 lb again at 53 years of age.  The goal will be to return to baseline 300 lb bench reps of 5 to 8 before the injury. I strongly recommend MAT with Annie Treverton.  I am on the mend and excited about my workouts.”

Samantha Moody
Doula , Age 37
“When I met Raoul, I was having a very hard time coping with chronic pain. For several months I had been unable to walk for more than 10-15 minutes before an intense pain would build in my hip and shoot down the side of my right leg. My leg would also go completely numb in some parts, making it nearly impossible to walk. The only way to relieve the pain and regain sensation was to sit down or squat. It was so confusing because I could do yoga, run and even dance, but walking was nearly impossible. I live in NYC so walking is an essential part of my life. I had recently gone on a vacation and spent too much of my time squatting in museums and random tourist spots because I just couldn’t take the pain. I couldn’t even food shop without squatting at least 4 times before making it to the register. Nothing (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga) was helping the problem and I was becoming depressed about the situation. I knew I did not want to go on pain medication and was willing to try anything. While visiting Houston, a friend recommended Raoul and I immediately booked a session. After our first session, I could tell things were improving and by the third I was COMPLETELY recuperated. It has now been almost 6 months since my 3rd session with Raoul and I have not had to squat or sit to relieve pain at all. The first time I was able to grocery shop without having to stop I actually cried! It was amazing to have my life and body back to normal. Overall, the experience of working with Raoul was really positive. He paid close attention to my symptoms, but was also able to identify underlying culprits of imbalance in my musculature and organ systems. I felt an overall sense of well-being and alignment and highly recommend these modalities to anyone struggling with pain.”

Marco Aluia
Painter , Age 37

“I have been living with chronic pain for the past seven years and was starting to think it wouldn’t be healed. Chiropractic work was more of a band-aid and didn’t treat the whole issue. After my first session with Annie I immediately felt the strength in my back return and the nagging pain vanished! Also my plantar fasciitis symptoms were dramatically reduced after Annie got my back muscles to fire properly. My only regret is not living closer to Houston because I would otherwise return for more sessions. Thank you Annie!”

M.M., Retired, Age 78
“Annie Treverton gave me a most unexpected and wonderful Christmas gift this holiday season. After enduring sciatic pain in my lower back for about 6 weeks and with no relief  from three visits to my chiropractor, I decided to pay Annie a visit. After 3 sessions with her expert diagnosis and treatments, my Christmas decorating and hectic schedule were totally pain free, and the Ibuprofen jar has never been opened since. Thank you Annie for your healing touch. Gratefully, M.M.”


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