Muscle Activation Sessions:  60 Mins
Rates: Please contact us for rates.  Our contact information can be found on the Contact page.

Before Your Session:

The day before and day of your session: please take stock of how you are feeling physically, both in a general sense (whole-body), and/or in the specific areas that are giving you problems. This observational step can better help you to know how your MAT session affects you.

Also, it is generally best not to have a very full stomach close to the session start time.

What to Wear:

  • Please bring or wear socks.
  • Comfortable clothing in which you can move easily. Gym/yoga clothes are best, but other clothing can also work well.
  • Long gym/yoga pants, or compression shorts worn under looser and longer shorts are the best options.
  • Shirts with some kind of sleeve; no tank tops please.
  • Please do not wear jeans or cargo materials; these thicker materials could hinder some of the treatment.
  • And again, please bring or wear socks 🙂