Activated Muscles Team

  Raoul Treverton   |   Annie Treverton  

Raoul Treverton, Muscle Activation Specialist

Raoul Treverton:
P-DTR® Practitioner | MAT® Specialist | Fascial Counterstrain Practitioner | Licensed Massage Therapist | CPR Certified

Raoul has a unique skill stack with which to pull from to help his clients. He is the only Proprioceptive – Deep Tendon Reflex® (P-DTR®) and Fascial Counterstrain practitioner in Houston, Texas, and is also a Muscle Activation TechniquesTM (MAT®) Specialist.  He has treated a wide range of clients with a variety of goals, including those who want to maintain an independent, full, and active life, those that want to improve to their chronic and acute musculoskeletal issues, and athletes that want to reduce tightness and increase their speed, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Through school and university, Raoul was a keen sportsman.  Having grown up in the UK, he liked to play rugby, soccer, and basketball. He had a passion for and excelled at rugby, and played for his local town, Bedford, and then Leeds University. His sporting mindset was “no pain no gain”, thus he drove his body hard, regardless of the knocks, pain, and injuries, which were not uncommon.

After spending many years trying to find a solution to his chronic back, hip, knee, foot, neck, and shoulder pain, stemming from a relapse after a back surgery in 2001, Raoul knew he had found something game-changing when he first tried MAT®.
Although he had worked with many health professionals, he found that MAT® was an important missing link. After seeing the importance of MAT® in his rehabilitation, he decided to become an MAT® specialist.  The MAT® process was able to unwind layers of compensational movement patterns that were a result of past injuries, effectively restoring proper movement and reducing pain.  

In his spare time, Raoul enjoys playing Eb tuba with the British-style Houston Brass Band.  Raoul is also a keen cyclist, and recently raised funds for and completed his second 170-mile BP MS150 ride.   

Annie Treverton, Muscle Activation Specialist

Annie Treverton:
MAT® Specialist | CPR & First Aid Certified

Annie is an independent Muscle Activation Specialist, certified in Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques®.  She has helped clients from many different backgrounds, ranging in age from 8 to 82, with a variety of chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions.  Annie’s passion is to help others live pain free and get back to enjoying life doing their favorite activities at the level they desire!  Whether it’s being able to walk the dog regularly again, sit or stand and not be in pain, play more actively with children and grandchildren, get back into the gym, or train for peak performance in competition, Annie wants to help her clients enjoy what they want to do as soon as possible.

MAT® had a tremendous positive impact on her and her husband Raoul’s quality of life (see Raoul’s story above).  Because of this, Annie was inspired to become MAT® certified to help others live more fully and enjoyably.  Annie’s MAT® sessions are education oriented, with the goal of helping clients learn about and improve their biomechanics in an applicable way that they can then take with them “off the table” into daily life activities.

Originally from northern Virginia, Annie has been proud to call herself a Texan for 18 years.  With a childhood that saw moves from Virginia to France, and then to Florida, she finally settled in Texas.  After earning degrees from Trinity University in San Antonio, and the University of Texas at Dallas,  Annie worked for over 10 years in the energy industry. 

Annie is well acquainted with the repetitive stress and the lack of movement that computer-based work puts on our bodies (especially our backs, necks, and wrists).  Her years of playing softball, piano, and marching band percussion give her additional insight on sports and musical instrument-related repetitive stress injuries (“RSI”).

Outside of work, Annie enjoys traveling adventures with her husband, Raoul, attempting new recipes, strength training (to help balance out all those dessert recipes!), and singing classical music.  As a lyric soprano, she has enjoyed singing with several choirs in Houston, including the Houston Symphony Chorus, Houston Camerata, and Chorus Angelorum at Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church.