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12/19/19 – Please pardon our formatting.  Currently undergoing some construction!


Memorial / Villages

The Villages Gym:
8800 Katy Fwy Ste 201, Houston, TX 77024

West University

West University Wellness Center

5180 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, TX 77005

Galleria / Bellaire

The Trek House

5250 Gulfton St Suite 3A, Houston, TX 77081

Hank’s Gym
5320 Elm Street, Houston, TX 77081

Energy Corridor

Private Studio 

Tanglewood / Villages

The Houston Country Club
1 Potomac Drive, Houston, TX 77057

HCC Members and guests of members only.

In-Home Sessions

We offer private, in-home sessions for clients, also!  An additional charge for travel is applied.  Contact us directly for pricing.

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